Enchainements is a French word meaning a series, a chain of events, a linking of scenes, of ideas.  It also is a term used in the ballet world to describe a series of moves.   To me it describes the complexities of life and the creative process of designing and making a piece of jewelry.   
Laura's jewelry evokes a feeling of otherworldliness.  Her style varies from bright shiny contemporary to  look-what-I-found-at-the-Paris-Flea-Market chic..  She uses a myriad of jewelry making techniques, but the one almost always present in her designs is chainmail.  Some times the chainmail plays a starring role in design, with leather or metalwork playing the supporting role.  Often it's in the background, with a cluster of fabulous gemstones stealing the scene.  

Laura incorporates chainmail, leather working, enamel, chain-making and metal smithing into her designs.  Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver, Copper, Filled Gold, Bronze and Brass are the primary metals used.  First, she envisions the design in her mind, sometimes inspired by an architectural shape on a historical building, a photo or even a scrap piece of metal.   Then each piece is personally hand crafted from start to finish.  All pieces are hand crafted in her studio, resulting in an unconventional style you will want own for yourself.